For Academic Institutions

Delve In engages audiences in improv and draws forward the theory underpinning improv as a knowledge-making and politicized art practice.

Who works with Delve In?

Faculty, Undergraduate and Graduate Students and University Staff

What does Delve In Offer?

Faculty and Staff Training
Research Projects and Grants
Curriculum Development
Lectures and Workshops
Panels, Conferences and Presentations

What are the outcomes of working with Delve In?

  • Engage students, faculty and wider university communities

    Using active and explorative methods allows a wide range of participants to get involved and contribute their own ways of understanding to the work.

  • Bring new energy and thinking into curriculum and pedagogy

    Shift the habits of thinking that shape what education looks like through creative and meaningful practices.

  • Reimagine teaching, professional practice, and research

    Explore ways of knowing that allow for transformation of these core areas of work.


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